Special Event For Lightworkers

Santa Fe, New Mexico, May 11th, 2024.

Join Master Ascension Guide, Channeler & Teacher, Caroline Oceana Ryan and I, along with Bluewinds Sound Healing, as we guide you into the space of release, healing and re-alignment.

The Ascension path can be a challenging time, and as we come to an expanded understanding of who we really are, we find deeper patterns and energies coming up for release.

This is a 4 hour gathering of meditation, energy work and sound healing, as well as a chance to understand your Soul path through connection with The Collective, your guides, Galactics and higher Self.

Expect to feel the power of community support and the magical energies of Santa Fe weave the threads of transformation for a more integrated and powerful version of you.

Soul Rising Goddess Retreat Sept. 12-15, 2024

(River Mountain Retreat Center, Everett, PA)

Listen as you drop into the stillness of your Soul to express your truth, and connect using creative expression of sound, movement and art. Release the conditioning in a sacred space, and transform it into a new way of being for the New Earth. This is your time to experiment with the aligned and authentic you. A 4 day, 3 night intensive of sacred immersion and exploration through Community and nature you'll come to a deeper understanding of your purpose, Self-love and power. We invite you to join us for this life-changing weekend.

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