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Quantum Alchemy Sessions

An intensive 1:1 Service where we dive deep into the iintentions, blocks & issues that need release.

Quantum Energy has the power to unblock and release old belief systems and patterns that lodge deeply in the emotional, physical, mental, etheric and spiritual bodies. Because we're all unique, here to experience the contrast of being human, we tend to hold lots of 'stuff' which gets stored deeply in the cells, tissues and our Fields of consciousness.

Where traditional therapies may not have been successful, energy work can pick up and clear a variety of issues that have seemed untouchable.

Relief can not only be felt physically, but also in the other governing bodies. Sometimes simply understanding more about how you process energy around you, can be enough to shift a situation.

​I work with many different aspects of the quantum field, and open up the channels between the seen and unseen.

Using these 'now' aspects ('past-present-future' experiences, the chakra system, working with light and sound, visualizations and more) allows me to piece together, like a puzzle, what you need for release, integration and full embodiment.

1:1 Quantum Sessions

Quantum Alchemy

LAUNCH Packages

Intensive 1:1 Service where I dive deep into your journey.

12, 24 & 52 Session Packages. You set the frequency, time and intention. We co-create through Energy work, Coaching & Mentoring.

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LAUNCH Foundations For Aspiring Soulpreneurs & Facilitators

(Next LAUNCH starts March 20th, 2024)

Do You Realize How Much You Inspire Those Around You?

LAUNCH Foundations is a 6 Week Group Mentoring Program for established, aspiring Soulpreneurs & New Earth Visionaries, that is an uncomplicated container of support and expansion.

This is about your path towards heart-based leadership and/or Soulpreneurship in a way that takes the old paradigm out of 'business' and replaces it with the frequency of your unique passion and vision for the New Earth. ​

However, it isn't your typical coaching course where you're left to figure it out after you've completed the 6 weeks.

LAUNCH Foundations has a mission to bring continued mentoring and support AFTER you've completed the course.

We provide a safe space to build and practice your metaphyscial gifts, receive constructive Soulpreneur feedback, and co-create with others who are building the same, through an ongoing membership platform.

Through this community, you'll have the opportunity to grow in your livelihood and leadership even after the course is finished. Plus you'll receive discounts on the next level of courses, as well as 1:1 sessions with Ina.

Whether you've already started your spiritual livelihood, or as a facilitator wanting to go to the next level.....or you're ready to bring your vision to life, our 6 weeks together will give you clarity, confidence and support to serve in joy and abundance.

If you're ready to finally let go of the resistance and fear, dive deep into your Soul and develop a clear, simple statement and powerful vehicle for your gifts by utilizing your unique experiences and imprint, this course is for you.

It's my sincerest desire to see you LAUNCH into service and live a life of alignment beyond your wildest imagination. I invite you to connect and share your dreams for purpose with us!

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