See What Clients Are Saying About Quantum Energy Sessions...

"To anyone who is considering working with Ina and her Team, I can say first hand they are a gift. You go in not knowing how the results of one's work will play out. As for me? Sherri and her Team immediately helped me to round a corner I'd been struggling with, taking me to a new level. On our initial consultation, Sherri put me at ease, made me laugh and listened without interrupting. In addition, she's humble, professional and quite genuine. All of this and an "Indigo" too. Privileged and Grateful are what I feel after a healing session. Life-changing you are, Sherri. Thank you."

K.S., Florida

“Had an amazing experience today at work. After we cleared all the dense energy & emotions around speaking in public (with my heart racing and my throat shaking when I speak) today on a call with a customer I needed to ask a question….. I just unmuted myself and started talking. Freely! So fluently without my voice throttling, I was in shock in a positive way! :) At that moment I felt free! Very grateful!! I want to say "thank you" for all your help in the whole process. Even now I feel so blessed and grateful to have met you. Thank you for releasing unwanted energies around my lips as well. Every day I look at myself in the mirror and feel so grateful to you! Grateful to the spirit guides for guiding me towards you :) “

Nazumi., New Jersey

"The first time I met Ina I knew her spiritual gifts were powerful. I’m in the unique and fortunate position to have been not only her student in Yoga but also to be a recipient of Sherri and her energetic healing practice, as-well-as benefiting from her expertise in spiritual guidance from her higher self as an Ascension guide. I consider Sherri a mentor and leader in the spiritual community as she is a clear vessel for pure light from source. It is my experience that whatever you need help with or guidance for, Sherri can assist you and you’ll also consider her a blessing in your life and be better because you know this amazing woman!”

Lynda, Pennsylvania

""I'm truly happy and truly blessed to have found Ina. Her insight is uncanny! She is a true healer and genuinely loves to help people. She is simply amazing! Not only did I find a wonderful healer but also a friend :) Thank you Sherri!"

Kim, California

Ina is a powerful quantum energy healer and intuitive. II have had numerous sessions with her and in each session she goes straight to where the issues is and clears the root cause. She work with her powerful team of guides and angels on a galactic level. Ina is always supportive. Her guidance and quantum healing is on another level.

Denise, Ireland

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. It's like you had laser sharp vision and went straight into the areas I needed healing, and you cleared it. Would highly recommend a session with you, the sessions were so powerful. "

Herushia, South Africa

"Thank you, Ina, for bringing me back to who I am. The reading (and big-time healing) of the ancestral and inner child, and so much more I got from you---I have infinite gratitude and respect. I had blocks in some chakras and my inner child had stepped out due to some unblocked and connected with my divine guides and angels and Galactica, who were all present to unleash and bring back my original power. I was getting a bit tired with tons of confusion, because I had stopped focusing on myself, and instead gave to all others which drained me. The healing and guidance received from you has opened me up to so much more. You are very powerful and your work is phenomenal, to say the least. Thank you is a small word for what you did for me....."

Deena, Alaska